Andy Ransom – CEO Rentokil Initial

“Scott is a highly skilled and experienced Programme Leader. He has a great mix of first rate organisational disciplines, a sharp intellect and excellent interpersonal skills, which he combines to make him very effective in managing large, complex and multi-disciplinary change projects. Scott has a good strategic mindset as well as excellent attention to the detail. I am very happy to commend Scott to anyone who is undertaking a programme of important projects as someone who will definitely add considerable value.”

Peter Slator – Divisional Managing Director Europe at Rentokil Initial

“Scott was appointed to manage the Programme Office for a major change programme in a Division of Rentokil Initial with approximately £1bn of revenue and multiple country interfaces. He combined an ability to bring structure and process to the change management without an overburdening bureaucracy and with a personality and style that enabled him to build relationships with all his key stakeholders. He was not just supporting the implementation of change but also giving significant input to the change programme itself with good handle on the scope and difficulty of what was being planned and the capability of the people involved. I would not hesitate to employ Scott again and would recommend him for such a role in other organisations almost irrespective of the sector.”

Daniele Barretta Zungrone – Head of HR Business Management at Swiss Re

“Scott played a key role in ensuring the success of the project ( a complex Lean transformation in IB). Since the very beginning Scott showed strong leadership skills and a great focus on results. He was recognised as a leader by his peers and he managed to establish effective relationships through the organisation also at senior level which tremendously helped in implementing the change and ensuring its sustainability.
Scott has a pragmatic and can do attitude and is totally reliable: he is not afraid to go the extra mile and to take additional responsibility when required.
On top of this it was a great pleasure to work with Scott on a personal level: he is a great team member but also somebody you always have pleasure to spend time after work for a beer or a dinner.
I would strongly recommend Scott since he is the kind of person that can and wants to make a difference.”

Mark Reader – Group Category Marketing Director at Rentokil Initial

“Scott brings great business experience alongside a passionate desire to progress in what ever he sets to achieve, this combined with an ability to absorb new knowledge and quickly apply himself. This was evident on many occasions in the time we worked together. Scott helped shaped & accelerate key projects, he maintained focus on the key points and was always able to turn his commercial acumen on to ask the right questions. I will miss having Scott around as was also someone I trusted greatly, and with whom I could bounce ideas and thoughts off. A really good guy who delivers….”

Jose Vilabella – Co-founder & CEO at LossLessLinen

“I met Scott when the business I was running went through its most ambitious – and difficult – reorganisation program. I was skeptical at first, since PMO Director sometimes rather focus on getting their checklists checked than on understanding and supporting their business partners. In that respect Scott was a welcome surprise. He rolled up his sleeves with the rest of us and helped us complete the program’s objectives. Very soon he was seen as an additional member of the operational team, and that’s high praise for a PMO!. For his down to earth, pragmatic approach and team spirit I happily recommend him.”

John Richardson – Human Resources Director Europe and Group Reward at Rentokil Initial

“having worked in a number of World Class and Six Sigma organisations, it is my sincere belief that Scott is amongst the best Strategic Programme leaders I have ever worked with. He is a “High integrity” honest, mature, non-political and forthright manager well regarded by his peers and team. In terms of leadership style he is supportive and participative with regular open and honest communications, providing clarity, setting an example, building strong morale and an effective team.
Scott is a strong strategist, highly analytical – understanding what drives the business and extremely “Customer Focused”, whilst being an ambitious deliverer – able to prioritise and feeling personally responsible / accountable to get things done.”

Matt Bonetti – Chief Technologist at TransVault

“I had the genuine pleasure of working with Scott at BNP Paribas, where he was the stream lead for the Lean Transformation project that my team was then going through.
Scott is a very pragmatic person, which allied to his excellent communication skills allowed him to explain clearly the goals of the project and obtain the buy in of our team. Change is often a scary prospect for people and having someone like Scott able to help us negotiate the process smoothly undoubtedly contributed to the projects success.”
He is a warm and personable individual, very easy to work with, and I’d be delighted to work with him again.”

Stewart Power – CMO Rentokil Initial

“As Programme Director, Scott coordinated a complex programme with 4-6 major projects and a long-tail of up to 40 smaller ones at any one time.
While always ensuring due process and clarity of thinking, he is able to balance this with his pragmatism and commercial awareness. Combine this with his highly personable style, I could always rely on Scott not only to get things done but also for them to be done in the right way.
I have no reservations in recommending Scott as a first class Programme Director, but also a truly dependable colleague to have in a senior management team who could always be relied on to provide balance and wise counsel.”

Philip Mileham – Head of Project Management at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

“Scott is an excellent programme manager and his skills were a great asset in the BNPP/ Fortis Integration. He is able to develop a programme of work and deliver the required outcomes in a calm and effective way that instills confidence in the stakeholder group. I am very happy to recommend Scott and would be delighted to work with him again.”

Graham Bowes – Divisional CIO Rentokil Initial

“I greatly enjoyed working with Scott, a rare individual who can combine the mechanics of controlling a diverse portfolio of projects with very clear unambiguous stakeholder management and a genuine commercial instinct.
The above talent and a natural way of interacting with people, up and down the hierarchy, made Scott a highly influential colleague and a genuine pleasure to work with”

Mark Mannering-Smith – Manager IFCE Safety & Quality at British Airways

“I worked with Scott when he was a project manager and consultant at OpenSkies. This was a complex, fast-paced and frequently delicate programme. The airline industry is renowned for its jargon and sensitivity to process – particularly in safety-critical areas. I was always impressed at Scott’s ability to get under the skin of the issues with great speed in order to allow a solution to be sought and progression to be made. These were complex and sometimes seemingly impenetrable concepts which take many aviation professionals years to fully get to grips with. Personally, Scott taught me a great deal about programme management (and gently so!) – I came from an environment that placed limited value in confidently delivering anything on time. This is testament to Scott’s quiet, dependable and persistent influencing style. Scott quickly became a trusted part of my professional life able to provide support, challenge or advice. Having worked with many consultants since, I am now acutely aware that many are not as focused on a successful business outcome as Scott is. A true team player happy with the challenges of leadership or support.”